Alcohol and drugs: what the legislation provides


What categories of workers are involved in ascertaining conditions of alcohol dependence and drug addiction?

On November 20, 2016, the Ministry of Health transmitted to the State-Regions Unified Conference the “Guidelines for the prevention of serious and fatal injuries related to alcohol and drug use, the assessment of alcohol dependence and drug addiction conditions and the coordination of supervisory actions “.

First of all, there will no longer be a difference between alcohol and drugs but there will be only one list of workers.

  • list of workers subjected to controls for alcohol and drug abuse
  • which workers will no longer be screened for alcohol and drug abuse
  • what the competent doctor should do
  • where can I take the drug test for workers
  • rejection of toxicological test work

List of workers screened for alcohol and drug abuse

  • use of toxic gases
  • manufacture and use of fireworks
  • technical management and management of nuclear plants
  • activities involving work in pipes, channels, containers, such as tubs and tanks and the like, in which there may be flammable and explosive gases, vapors, dusts
  • health activities involving invasive procedures carried out in public or private health
  • facilities that expose you to the risk of cuts or punctures, as per title X-bis of Legislative
  • Decree 81/08
  • drivers of vehicles used for the transport of people or dangerous goods

Activities involving the compulsory supply of weapons

Train circulation and railway safety. railway crew on board the railway infrastructure manager’s ships with the exception of room and canteen staff. crew on inland and marine water vessels, with the qualification of conductor for pleasure boats used for hire
drivers, conductors, maneuvers and switches of other vehicles with track, rail or lifting equipment, excluding operators of overhead cranes with push-button on the ground and monorails.

1st category maritime personnel of the deck and engine sections

  1. Limited to the General Staff and non-commissioned officers making up the crew of merchant and passenger ships, as well as the maritime and technical personnel of offshore platforms and pipelay vessels
  2. personnel assigned to the circulation and safety of railways under concession and under government management, subways, tramways and similar systems, trolleybuses, bus lines and funicular systems

1st category maritime personnel of the deck and engine sectionsWhich workers will no longer be screened for alcohol and drug abuse?

truck drivers except those carrying dangerous goods;

Instead it is added:

  • aeronautical personnel (pilots and flight personnel),
  • health professionals at risk of cutting or puncture injuries (at this point even those who
  • take blood samples or dental hygienists,
  • all builders who carry out work at height (practically all),
  • farmers driving a tractor.


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