Alcohol-related harm


Alcohol is also responsible for many indirect damages (the so-called alcohol-related damages), due to behaviors associated with acute intoxication states, as in the case of sexual risk behaviors, accidents at work, episodes of violence, driving in a state of intoxication (road accidents caused by drunk driving have a preponderant weight in juvenile mortality).

With regard to accidents at work, over 25% of them are those “in itinere” on the journey between home and work and vice versa.

It is enough to reach an alcohol level of 0.5 g

At work, the recommended alcohol consumption is zero and for some categories at high risk for the safety of third parties, the law explicitly prohibits consumption in the workplace.

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  • BAC tables
  • Alcohol brochures: you know what you drink. The more you know the less you risk.

Facts and figures: alcohol consumption in Switzerland: Most people enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages on special and convivial occasions. However, one in five people consume too much.

Alcohol abuse disrupts coexistence with others, damages health and generates huge costs. The FOPH is committed together with other prevention partners for responsible alcohol consumption.

  • How many people abuse alcohol?
  • How do teenagers and young adults behave?
  • How many people die in Switzerland as a result of alcohol consumption?
  • How much does alcohol consumption cost the national economy?
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MonAM - Swiss Monitoring System for Addictions and Noncommunicable Diseases

In Switzerland, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and addictions represent a very serious challenge for the public health sector. The MonAM monitoring system provides data from reliable sources on more than 110 indicators.

MonAM - Swiss Monitoring System for Addictions and Noncommunicable Diseasesplatform of the partners

  • is the complete platform for the transfer of know-how and the exchange of knowledge in the field of health promotion and prevention. It connects experts and acts as a link between addiction, mental health and the prevention of non-communicable diseases.
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  • Alcohol Research Reports
  • Here you will find a list of research reports in the alcohol sector, which were financed by the FOPH.

Cantonal alcohol legislation

  • Overview of the various cantonal laws in the field of alcohol prevention
  • Alcohol and alcoholism prevention
  • In Switzerland, the majority of the population consumes alcohol in an unproblematic way. However, one in five people overdo it, occasionally or regularly. The effects affect health and the social environment.

Addiction Strategy

Addiction politics is a dynamic field that is constantly confronted with new challenges such as changing ways of consumption and behavior.


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