How to help an alcoholic heal


Paying attention to these symptoms is certainly a good way to recognize if the person is going through a phase of alcohol withdrawal, thus being able to help him better.
Another characteristic symptomatic effect of addictions is the so-called craving: a strong and urgent desire to drink, which makes it difficult to think and focus on anything (other than alcohol) and which is resolved only by starting drinking again.

The long-term damage of alcoholism

The effects of alcoholism on the body are serious and affect the entire sphere of the individual.

In terms of physical health these are the organs that can be compromised are:

  • gastrointestinal tract, with gastritis and ulcer, up to liver cirrhosis;
  • the cardiovascular system, with a high risk of heart disease;
  • nervous system, with muscle weakness, decreased sensitivity and cognitive deficits.

The major physical effects, such as those described above, occur with the prolongation of the addiction. For this reason it is important to intervene as soon as possible on the problem with expert help.

The signs of alcoholism: when to worry

When alcohol causes recurring problems in daily life, it is an important signal of the need for help. For example, the onset of cognitive difficulties or the inability to carry out simple daily actions due to a constantly altered state are clear signs of the alcoholic’s need for help.

Since the refusal to recognize their disease is a frequent feature among alcoholics, sufferers may think that therapy is completely useless. If a family member or friend recognizes some of the typical symptoms of this problem, you should place yourself in a listening and supportive position.

  1. Only in this way will it be possible to gain the right trust and convince the person to start a recovery process from alcoholism.
  2. The basic problem of an alcoholic is getting to admit that he is addicted; in front of him before than in front of the others.
  3. Only in this way will it be possible to bring about a real change. Some people manage to do this after a long time and only after attending specific help groups and centers.
  4. In fact, dealing with alcoholism alone is not easy, and it does not allow you to establish the right relapse prevention strategies.

There are no standards in this area and each recovery story is different. Without the right psychological help and, if necessary, the right drug therapy against alcoholism, it is easy for recovery to be only temporary, returning to old behavioral patterns and the re-emergence of addiction.

The support of the family

It often happens that family members and friends of an alcoholic feel a sense of helplessness in the face of this problem. We must be welcoming and not play excessively on the sense of guilt, which can lead the alcoholic to defend himself and refuse any kind of help.

The support of the familyBy showing affection and availability, without justifying or accusing the abusive behavior, you can lead the person in difficulty to consider the idea of ​​help. At that point, having accepted the need for help, it is essential to contact a specialized center that is able to accompany the person in their recovery.

The Turin Solidarity Center is a community specialized in the treatment of alcoholism. The person is supported by medical staff and psychotherapists specialized in the treatment of addictions.


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