Signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse


It takes courage and strength to deal with all kinds of addictions, be it alcohol, drugs, nicotine, gambling, the internet, etc. if you have tried and failed in the past. You don’t have to wait to hit bottom; you can make a change at any time.

  • Recovery is a process, and as such it is bound to have some rough edges in its path. Addiction can be overcome by learning to cope with it constructively and for yourself and others.
  • It is not always easy to understand when drinking has crossed the line that divides moderate use from an addiction problem with alcohol; but if you drink to cope with difficulties or to avoid feeling sick, you are in potentially dangerous territory.

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can silently sneak up on you, so it is important to be aware of the warning signs and take action where necessary. In general we can say that understanding the problem is the first step to overcome it.

Understanding alcoholism and alcohol abuse

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are caused by multiple interconnected factors, including genetics, the influences of the social environment of reference and your emotional health. Some racial groups such as American Indians and Alaskan natives are more at risk than others of developing an addiction to alcohol.

People who have a family history of alcoholism or who live in close contact with drinkers are more likely to develop alcoholism problems. Finally, those who suffer from a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder are particularly at risk of addiction because alcohol can be used to alleviate their suffering.

  1. Do you have a problem with alcohol?
  2. You may have a problem with alcohol, if ..
  3. You feel guilty or ashamed of drinking.
  4. They try to hide their consumption habits.
  5. We have friends or family members who are worried about our relationship with alcohol.
  6. You need to drink to relax or feel better.
  7. You suffer from “Black out” or you forget what you did while drinking

You regularly drink more than was expected.

Below we list some situations that can occur in the presence of alcohol abuse. They repeatedly neglect their responsibilities at home, at work, or at school due to drinking. Alcohol is used in situations where it is physically dangerous, such as drinking and driving, or mixing alcohol with drugs.

  1. You regularly drink more than was expected.Abuse can lead to problems with justice; for example, you could be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or for harassing behavior.
  2. Excessive alcohol consumption can compromise relationships with family members and loved ones.
  3. Since drinking is a way to relax and reduce tension, many problems start when people use alcohol to self-soothe and relieve stress, getting drunk after every stressful day for example, or using the bottle whenever they have. a discussion with the partner, the boss, etc.
  4. Signs and symptoms of alcoholism (alcohol addiction)

Alcoholism is the most serious form of alcohol abuse and involves all the symptoms of alcohol abuse with the addition of physical dependence. When one feels physically compelled to drink, then one speaks of alcoholism.


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