What to do?


There are many treatments to combat alcoholism. Most of them focus on stopping alcohol intake through detoxification, in order to help the person resist a return to consumption. There are multiple factors that lead a person to addiction, all of these must be treated in order to prevent relapses: personal, psychological, family and social context factors are considered.

  1. An example of alcohol detox treatment can be structured by combining supportive therapy with participation in self-help groups (Alcoholics Anonymous).
  2. A new approach, Mindfulness, integrated with cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, is having success in the treatment of alcohol addiction and in particular in the prevention of relapses.
  3. Request information by contacting the CENTROMOSES Secretariat at 0363.343286 (telephone answering machine always active) or by email at [email protected]

The Moses Center also offers the possibility to undertake an Online Therapy path. Based on the problem detected, the possibility of continuing the path online or live will be discussed with the professional.

Alcohol use and abuse

Young people and the risks caused by alcohol. On this page you will find information on young people and alcohol, in particular on the following topics:

  • Do not drink before the age of 16
  • Don’t mix alcohol and drugs
  • Binge drinking
  • Energy drink
  • Alcohol and driving
  • Alcohol rate calculation
  • Who to contact
  • Useful references.

Do not drink before the age of 16

Alcohol is a legal substance but like drugs it has a psychoactive effect: it modifies the functioning of the brain and can be addictive and addictive.
Alcohol is not a nutrient but a substance that can cause damage to the cells of many organs, including the liver and central nervous system.

Before the age of 16 it is better not to drink alcohol, even in small doses, because the body is not yet able to metabolize alcohol.The WHO - World Health Organization recommends not drinking alcohol completely until the age of 15.

  1. Before the age of 18, alcohol damages the growth process.
  2. In Italy, the law prohibits the sale to minors under the age of 18.

Alcohol causes an effect of relaxation, disinhibition, excitement, loss of control.

Consequently, the risk of having unprotected or unwanted sex increases.It pushes the most fragile and insecure people to drink alcohol to feel more relaxed but over time to be able to have the same effect pushes them to drink more and more.

Alcohol causes an effect of relaxation, disinhibition, excitement, loss of control.You should not drink out of boredom or if you are depressed, because alcohol can have depressive, sedative, exciting effects depending on the situation and can cause behaviors such as damage, fights, assaults, violence, self-harm and suicide attempts.

  1. Drinking too much alcohol can cause various pathologies, trauma, accidents, mental and behavioral disturbances.
  2. In any case, drinking always involves a health risk, even in limited quantities drunkenness consists of an intoxication that causes loss of lucidity, causes lack of coordination in movements, slows down reflexes and delays the reaction to light and sound stimuli.
  3. In some cases there may be loss of consciousness, leading to an ethyl coma and death.


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