That extra glass… involves everyone



  • promote the protagonism of the subjects of the territory (Bodies, Associations, Groups, etc.) so that they share and transmit the messages of the Campaign in the initiatives and events they organize;
  • promote a preventive culture aimed at moderation and awareness in the use of alcohol for young people over the age of 18;
  • inform and raise awareness of the consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • promote, through school, a healthy lifestyle in children, young people and their families, favoring the spread of a preventive culture that excludes contact with alcohol for children and adolescents;
  • increase the collaboration between school, parents and public services in order to promote health and the responsibility for choices.

The specific projects of the “less alcohol MORE TASTE” campaign

Let’s play the joker: real party with the Head!

It is the ideal project for all those events in which the administration of alcohol is foreseen (festivals, youth parties, etc.): ten indications to offer moments of fun characterized by attention to the health of people, especially young people, in optics of the prevention of road accidents.

Enjoy your choice: drink simple, drink non-alcoholic!

This is the competition that involves all hotel schools in the Veneto region for the creation of the best non-alcoholic drink of the year. This Competition also provides for the annual creation of a recipe book in order to promote the non-alcoholic drinks made by the students who participated in it.

Matryoshka project

A project to inform and raise awareness among the general population, with particular reference to women of childbearing age and new mothers, on the risks associated with the use of alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in order to promote greater awareness for the choice of a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your child.

  • It is the project on the theme “alcohol and driving” which aims to raise awareness among the general population on the concept of widespread responsibility;
  • that is, we no longer focus our attention only on the individual who abuses alcohol, but we aim to involve the whole population, because the “extra glass” of someone who drives, often.

The subjective behavioral result of many widespread responsibilities

The subjective behavioral result of many widespread responsibilitiesThose who administer, those who assist without saying anything, those who approve or even encourage, those who disapprove but let the person still take the lead, those who think it is nothing serious, those who consider it normal because it has always happened, etc. That’s why - as the slogan goes - “That extra glass … involves everyone …” and avoiding this happening is everyone’s responsibility!

Access mode

  1. To join the Campaign, you need to download the appropriate registration form and send it filled out to the dedicated email address at the bottom of this page.
  2. In particular, the Municipal Administrations can take on an incentive function, favoring the adhesion of the initiatives that are carried out in their own territory and contact with the Associations and Groups present.
  3. The operators of the organizing secretariat are available to all those interested in proposing initiatives, to provide specific advice on how to best realize their events.


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