What is it and how to get out of it


This is achieved because the alcoholic subject usually spends most of his day in search of alcohol and drinking, in the most serious cases losing any adherence to reality, ending up not drinking more water and eating regularly.

Very often those who resort to alcohol do so not so much for the pleasure of drinking, but commonly because at the base there is a Mood Disorder, which can be a Depression, a Bipolar Disorder, an Anxiety Disorder of various kinds. , A Personality Disorder. Alcohol is used for self-treatment purposes, because you may not realize you are not feeling well, or because you think it is the only solution or there are no others.

It is important to treat the basic psychiatric disorder, in order not to fall into such alcoholic use, by turning to specialists and not believing that they can do it alone.

Unfortunately, if there is already substantial alcohol use, the way to go will be very difficult and will depend not so much on the psychiatrist, but on the subject who will begin to treat himself and on his determination to want to improve his situation.

Alcohol: the risks of addiction and advice on how to get out of it

Having willpower is the first step to quitting drinking. Alcohol abuse damages the brain and destroys the liver.It causes more deaths than drugs and even withdrawal crises are much more terrible, yet alcoholism until recently was not treated as a disease, but only as a vice. Wrongly.

Because alcohol addiction is characterized by the alcoholic’s lack of control over the substance that enslaves him.

Not only; this addiction has enormous social costs in deaths from secondary pathologies (cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, cardiovascular diseases, brain pathologies), for road accidents caused by reflexes clouded by alcohol, for hospital admissions, divorces, dismissals.

  1. Despite all this, alcoholic beverages remain an easily accessible resource as they are not outlawed and their price is affordable for everyone (unlike drugs).
  2. Many start out like smoking or drugs: by trying with friends. This is the first step on the road that, if followed to the end, leads to alcoholism.
  3. The euphoria that one experiences after having raised the elbow a little is an incentive for the psychologically weaker people to continue to forget the daily problems.

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Yet, to get to the final stage it takes a long time and the signs that indicate addiction are always very clear, starting with the unbridled desire for alcohol and the inability to control the quantities of alcohol ingested, up to the tendency to drink.

Already in the morning and the actual withdrawal crisis.

Help is needed at this stage, but it is easier to get out of it than the actual addiction. The damage that alcohol can cause to the body are numerous. In fact, it is ethanol, a sugary substance contained in alcoholic beverages, that gives the sense of euphoria and causes irreversible damage.

Already in the morning and the actual withdrawal crisis.This substance is soluble in water, the main component of our body, therefore it easily circulates and reaches every part of our body; it only takes a few minutes to pass into the blood and from there to the liver, where it is broken down into water, then eliminated with urine, and pure alcohol, put back into circulation to do damage.


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